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Title: Favorites and Favors
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Severus Snape, Rosemerta
Summary: A Hogwarts professor walks into a pub.
Spoilers: Some spoilers for Half-Blood Prince
Author's Notes: This is only my second-ever HP-verse fic. Written for [ profile] sharpeslass, because she wanted a Snape story. I feel that I'm overdoing the bar theme lately but since [ profile] sharpeslass requested Rosemerta be in the story as well, and Mme. R owns a bar, then such was inevitable. Beta'ed by [ profile] nmissi and [ profile] lexsara. Hearts darlings.

Favorites and Favors )

So, there it is. HP fan or no, tell me what you think, even if you think it sucks. :)
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Happy Monday!

All right, have been productive this weekend, thanks to Melinda. She beta'ed, and I finally edited and html-ized all my new fanfics. Now I just have to go and completely re-do my website, which I hate very much.

We also have so much trouble coming up with story titles; how hard can it be? I think I consistently have the lamest story titles in all fandoms I've written in. If anyone has some good ideas for finding/creating some dynamic, witty fanfic titles I'd love to hear them.

On the good side: Stephanie has kindly given me some pointers so my icons won't come out fuzzy. Apparently I have been trying to put 300-resolution pics into 100x100 squares, or something else graphic-related like that. So maybe I can fix those.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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