Dec. 26th, 2013

Thank you!

Dec. 26th, 2013 07:56 pm
jedishampoo: (Saiyuki: Ikkou snow holiday)
Hey all,

Thank you to everyone who left comments and sent e-mails and holiday cards and other cards and lovely little gifts and stuff. :) Such nice things to brighten my days, you just don't even know.

We had a pretty decent Christmas, all things considered. Low-key and just mom, my bro and myself at Mom's house. Watching Storage Wars and reading fic and eating comfort food, yay!

And dudes! I got a yuletide-smut fic about Hakkai and Sanzo and a little old lady and it's freaking hysterical. Go read it. Yay!

(If you're not a member of yuletide-smut on dreamwidth, go to the profile and join!
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