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Warning for meaningless ramblings.

I finally updated my fanfiction webpage. Finally added a Hornblower story I'd never posted except to HHAH. A crossover between Beauty & The Beast & Hornblower! The crossover is my new crack.

YouTube is another new crack. Did you know there was a music video for XTC's "All You Pretty Girls?" And Dr. Tran! Am I the last person to know about Dr. Tran?

And Japanese doujinshi is also a new crack. It's basically fanfiction, with pictures, produced and sold by very talented (some amateur, some professional) Japanese artists. I am now the proud owner of one Pirates of the Caribbean doujinshi, and at least 25 Howl's Moving Castle doujinshi, only two of which I can read (because the ebay seller translated them)! How smart is that? Comics I CAN'T READ! On which I SPENT MONEY! From JAPAN! When I've just bought a new car and am moving? The pictures are very pretty, though.

I think that creating some Hornblower doujinshi is in order. I have yet to find any, which surprises me given the Japanese fangirl's love for Horatio and Archie (have you seen those Japanese DVDs for Mutiny/Retribution? Very man-pretty-centric).
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Got some stuff done today! Updated my webpage, and I finally finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell this morning, after starting it in May and then being distracted by all the Star Wars and Harry Potters and stuffs.

A meandering non-review and a boring list of things I've put on the web recently. But hey, we've all got to keep ourselves straight sometimes. )

Done rambling now. Off to write!
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