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Title: If I Please
Remixing: Five Things that Never Happened To William Bush: Marriage by [ profile] quigonejinn
Remix Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Summary: It was one heck of an explosion at Caudebec.
Author’s Notes: This remixing thing is definitely tough, but fun! :) I hope this story works, as a remix (first-timer here). Thanks to the organizers. Thanks to [ profile] sharpeslass for the beta!

x-posted to [ profile] hh_remix Go read the others also! :)

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Yay, I won a fic contest! :) Thanks to [ profile] scaryfangirl and her Horatio Appreciation Week Contest. There weren't many entries (she'll get more next year!) but they were all good. Read 'em now. And there was art, too!

And since it's been a while since I posted fic to my journal, here's the story.

Lord Hornblower’s Shortcut
By: [ profile] jedishampoo
Rating: PG, about 4000 words
Summary: What happened after “The Last Encounter?” Lady Barbara lives with Horatio after his retirement. Author’s notes at end so as not to spoil.

Lord Hornblower’s Shortcut )

Since it's so nice to win things, and since that and comments are the way we fanfiction writers get paid, I finally created a page for my fanfiction awards. Jedishampoo’s Fanfiction Awards

Happy Birthday to me!
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Send me more LJ quizzes (loves the LJ quizzes).

Here are my newest fanfiction masterpieces. But you might not want to read them. The first story people actually seemed to like. I think it's because it's the first Jack Simpson non-slash story. The other is definitely slash, and I feel very bad because it's naughty. You know, as a writer, you really have to challenge yourself. No actually, people dare you to write something and then darnit, you have to make a go at it.

Now, if only someone would dare me to write a novel, or that George Mallory/Mt. Everest screenplay, or the chick-lit story that Melinda and I were cooking up. Then I might actually get the chance to write something and get paid for it.

Have a loverly day y'all.

Story: Corinthian
Fandom: Hornblower
Rating R
Jack Simpson pays a visit before reporting to Justinian. Some smut, but not really a smut story. He's just not a happy man.
Click Here: Corinthian

Story: Reasons and Momentary Fancies
Fandom: Hornblower
Rating: NC-17
SLASH Warning. First-time. My naughtiest slash ever. El Ferrol prison. Written by request for Melinda.
Click Here: Reasons and Momentary Fancies
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Happy Monday!

All right, have been productive this weekend, thanks to Melinda. She beta'ed, and I finally edited and html-ized all my new fanfics. Now I just have to go and completely re-do my website, which I hate very much.

We also have so much trouble coming up with story titles; how hard can it be? I think I consistently have the lamest story titles in all fandoms I've written in. If anyone has some good ideas for finding/creating some dynamic, witty fanfic titles I'd love to hear them.

On the good side: Stephanie has kindly given me some pointers so my icons won't come out fuzzy. Apparently I have been trying to put 300-resolution pics into 100x100 squares, or something else graphic-related like that. So maybe I can fix those.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Story: Christmas, Crystals and Candles
Fandom: HPotter
Rating PG-13 to R
Lupin and Trelawney. Quite melancholy and arty, actually.
Click Here: Christmas, Crystals and Candles

Story: Fair Company
Fandom: Hornblower
Rating: R-plus
Het, baybee. Archie and Horatio in Portsmouth. Much Smut. Plotlessness. Alcohol. Paid Companions.
Click Here: Fair Company

Story: "Wine and Memory"
Fandom: Hornblower
Rating: NC-17
Warning: H/A SLASH! and direct sequel; the first is the story below this one (Not mine! But I'll pimp it.)
Click Here: Wine and Memory

Story: "Any Port in a Storm" by sharpeslass
Fandom: Hornblower
Rating: NC-17
Warning: H/A SLASH!
Click Here: Any Port in a Storm
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