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Title: The Art of Status Quo
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tenpou/Konzen
Summary: Konzen knows it’s easier to really not know.
Warnings: None
Author's notes: Short ficlet written for [personal profile] whymzycal's prompt "bibliophile" in the [community profile] valentine_smut exchange. Thank you for the prompts, to my betas and to the Merciful Goddess for her work on the exchange!

The Art of Status Quo )
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I really am behind and I apologize if I've missed something important on your journals, my friends! But I think the PMS was just bad last week and I'm only now coming out of the blahs. :)

Shoot, I had a three-day weekend and like 10 fics I wanted/needed to write, but only got 188 words written ("A Strength" for the 15-minute "58" challenge at [ profile] saiyuki_time). Now, I've gotten some very kind comments and [ profile] inksheddings made an excellent argument for brevity when necessary recently, but I'm used to having to force myself to stop writing! I would whine that quitting smoking has made me write less except I've actually completed two pieces since I went off the nicotine. So it's just me and my blah.

I went to Indiana to visit mom a couple of weeks ago. Mom is doing great! I drove her to a couple of her radiation appointments and got to meet her doctor and everything. And I met lots of women with no hair waiting for their radiation appointments and I was glad both because (a) those gals are the survivors, yay! and (b) my mom does not have to have chemotherapy and go through what they went through. Oh, and I shopped. A LOT. I bought three or four pair of shoes and three dresses and probably a dozen tops and a couple pairs of croppy pants and stuff for [ profile] sharpeslass ('cause I'm a GOOD friend) and OMG, I love Von Maur so much. I wish they had one here. An interest-free charge, and their stuff is about Nordstrom-level nice without the Nordstrom hassle (driving downtown, finding parking, etc).

[ profile] sharpeslass and I watched some nine episodes of Antique Bakery-- the anime. What a strange little show. The MELODRAMA! The PASTRIES! The GOOFINESS! And yet, it's somehow also manages to be touching at times. I read that they made a Jdrama of it, and removed all the gay. Wha? It seems the gay is the point.

EDIT: OH, and I forgot to mention that I've read Azumanga Daioh 1, 3 and 4 and I loved them utterly. They cracked me the hell up, so much so that I was laughing out loud on the plane. God, I love the teachers. And Chiyo-chan. And Sakaki with the Iriomote Cat.

Other than that, it's really freakin' hot outside. I guess that would be LAS VEGAS IN JULY, but still.

Hope everyone is well. :)
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Title: Get Lucky
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Rating: PG
Pairing: 585 implied
Summary: Gojyo knew all about luck.
Author’s Notes: Happy birthday, [ profile] inksheddings! I’m only sorry that it is not porn, which I received around my own birthday. I’m hanging my head in shame, I swear it. Just sweetness, at least about as sweet as I ever write. Thanks to [ profile] sharpeslass, as always, for the beta. About 1000 words.

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Figured I'd link it here for posterity-- I did this one for the [ profile] saiyuki_time challenge: Sight. Lots of people were doing Hakkai/Gonou (not a pairing) for this challenge, wonder why? :) Very short.

Title: Smile
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Summary: Gonou meets Kanan again.
Rating: G?
Notes: For Challenge 12: sight. Time taken: 14 mins writing, 6 more for re-read and formatting. Prompt (besides sight) given to me by [ profile] sharpeslass, who told me the prompt (see summary), then shooed me to the computer and made dinner. Don’t know how I like it, but this is what came out. That's the challenge, right?

Smile at Saiyuki_Time
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