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Title: Use Your Delusion
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Zakuro/Kanzeon
Summary: Zakuro’s in control here. No, really, he is. Why do you look so skeptical?
Warnings: Language, a little nibbling
Author's notes: Written for the awesome [personal profile] whymzycal for the Yuletide_smut com exchange 2011 on dreamwidth. This was an OMG fun prompt and pairing to write. Thanks and kisses to my betas [personal profile] sharpeslass and [personal profile] despina_moon! Title stolen from inspired by [personal profile] caeseria's "Use Your Illusion," a Naruto fic. ;)

Use Your Delusion )

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Title: Fundamental Difference
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Rating: NC-l7
Pairing: Gojyo/Yaone (HETOMG)
Summary: Saiyuki: Yaone serves her lord well, but sometimes she wants things for herself.
Author's notes: This was written for [ profile] akuchan_47 in the [ profile] valentine_smut exchange, and I just realized I hadn’t posted it to my journal, yet. Thank you to my lovely beta [ profile] sharpeslass, and to [ profile] mercifulkanzeon for her patience and work on this exchange!

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Title: Survivors
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Pairing: Hakkai/OFC
Rating: NC-l7
Summary: Hakkai takes the girl home. She reminds him of someone, except for the still being alive part. Set during Saiyuki Reload Vol. 5.
Author’s Notes: Het OMG! Angst OMG! Written by prompt of [ profile] sharpeslass, as detailed on the birthday fic coupon that I foolishly gifted her with. ;) She wanted Hakkai gettin’ it on with a grateful rescuee, and so here it is. Man, this was tough for me to write, and was put off several times by Real Life, but here it is, finished, yay! Betaed by same [ profile] sharpeslass, thank you! About 7300 words.

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Title: Lamp-Tricks and Song
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Pairings: Gojyo/F, Hakkai/F, F/Sanzo
Rating: NC-l7
Warnings: Het, dub-con, non-con, mind control.
Summary: 8100 words. A powerful youkai woman traps the ikkou on their journey and employs a unique kind of magic to keep them there.
Author’s Notes: Darkish and gratuitous het with some shonen-ai-ishness, written for [ profile] sharpeslass, ‘cause I knows her kinks. Het. Hints of yaoi. Dub-con. Non-con. Exhibitionism. Molestering of Sanzo. Remember that Suika chick from the Reload episodes, who sings their bad memories away? She deserved the bullet in her brain. Thanks to Sharpeslass for the beta.

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Figured I'd link it here for posterity-- I did this one for the [ profile] saiyuki_time challenge: Sight. Lots of people were doing Hakkai/Gonou (not a pairing) for this challenge, wonder why? :) Very short.

Title: Smile
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Summary: Gonou meets Kanan again.
Rating: G?
Notes: For Challenge 12: sight. Time taken: 14 mins writing, 6 more for re-read and formatting. Prompt (besides sight) given to me by [ profile] sharpeslass, who told me the prompt (see summary), then shooed me to the computer and made dinner. Don’t know how I like it, but this is what came out. That's the challenge, right?

Smile at Saiyuki_Time
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Title: Aimless
By: [ profile] jedishampoo
Pairing: Hakkai/RYFC (Random Youkai Female Character) (Hakkai HETOMG.)
Rating: R (not worksafe)
Summary: In the youkai village, Hakkai and Gojyo go their own ways for a bit.
Notes: About 1600 words. For [ profile] sharpeslass, who wrote me a 35 and requested Hakkai het. It’s more about Hakkai angst than the smexin’. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but she liked it. Thanks for the beta, dahling.

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