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A little late, yeah, but I've been out of town. It's after Jan. 1, anyway, and so I can post these links to my own journal (webpage will have to wait).

I wrote two stories for Yuletide: One for Venture Brothers, and one for Samurai Champloo, two fandoms I've never written in before. It was tons of fun! Gosh I love fic exchanges, 'cause they MAKE me write and finish stories instead of sitting on my notebook.

The Venture Bros. story: "Leggy, and a Smooth Finish." Queen Etheria realizes her boyfriend is boring. Then she finds something more edgy. Something butterfly-like. Rated PG-13.

Leggy, and a Smooth Finish. LOTS of fun to write; I love the Monarch.

Samurai Champloo story: "Love and Hate and Heavy Shit Like That." Mugen and Jin ponder the difference between love and hate. But not really. Yaoi (slash for all you non-anime people on my f-list). Rated R.

Love and Hate and Heavy Shit Like That. This was the first time I've ever written anything in an omniscient POV. I hope to try it again-- I always write so strictly in third-person limited.

Soon-- pictures from INDIANA! New Year's Eve in INDIANA! Woohoo!
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