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Sigh. My bobo (the brother) is doing OK, still in the hospital, and I guess they're running all sorts of tests to decide whether or not to use medication or surgery for his arteries. I guess they're leaning towards the former, along with the healthier lifestyle change. Thanks to all for keeping us in your thoughts!!! (The poor guy. Now he's worrying about how to pay for it, 'cause EEEVIL McDonald's gives him shit for insurance. We'll get through it, though-- we're a tough family I think.)

On the plus side, the last couple of nights [ profile] sharpeslass and I have kept it funny and mindless by re-watching every episode of The Venture Bros. Thus the quiz (below). And I picked up [ profile] lexsara at the airport yesterday for a four-day stay. Yay! Good friends, and happy things.

And now, the silly memeage:

Which character from The Venture Brothers are you?

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The "aww" shucks" boy from down the street, Dean is a good-natured youngster who always thinks of others before himself, a trait that has earned him repeated scorn from his brother Hank. Though not the sharpest bowling ball of the bunch, he's always keen to go on another adventure.
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My brother had a heart attack yesterday. I wish I could see him but he's 1800 miles away, and my parents swear the doctor says he'll be OK and out of the hospital soon, and that I don't need to go to Indiana. My mother promises that as soon as he's out, she'll smack him for both of us for scaring us half to death, and then hug him.

The craziness: He is 35. THIRTY-FIVE. He had two arteries to his heart which were completely blocked, and the doctor could not move or break the blockages at all. They were totally calcified. Thankfully other arteries are taking up the slack, mostly. Thus the heart attack. Drugs will not clear them up. He needs to totally change his lifestyle.

The problem? (Besides smoking and little exercise.) He eats McDonald's fast food constantly. He's worked at McDonald's for 17 years, and so five days a week, for 17 years, he's had McDonald's food for at least one, if not two, meals a day.

I hated McDonald's already because they have shit for pay and shit for insurance, despite his longevity there, and they are an evil giant corporation which brings in those strike-breakers and what-not whenever people in any store start asking for more. (Read FAST FOOD NATION, people. Read it now. Watch Super-Size Me.) And they lied about the vegetable oil in their fries (it contains beef fat), thus pissing off vegetarians and Hindu peoples worldwide. They are EEEEVILLLLL. More evil than other fast-food places, I would swear it. I don't advocate suing them; eating their food is a personal choice and no one put a gun to his head. But that doesn't mean I can't hate them the way I hate Wal-Mart.

He needs another job. But he's one of those quiet, sensitive people who just doesn't adapt well to new situations. Sigh.

McDonalds still evil. Brother doing OK. (I'm hoping the parents are telling me the truth here.)
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