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Birthdate:May 11
Location:Nevada, United States of America
Website:Jedishampoo Dot Com
Am female, fannish and single. Muchly over 18, if you are a comm mod and want to confirm that. Living back home in Indiana, where I just bought a house (though I lived in the desert for eight years and loved it, wahhhh).

I write fanfiction for Hetalia, HP, LOTR, Horatio, Star Wars, Saiyuki and Howl's Moving Castle (the anime, mostly). Drool inappropriately over pretty men on screens. Especially have a thing for frilly shirts and/or boots and/or period costumes on men. Oh yeah, and Jedi (but that falls in with the whole "boots" thing, of course). And lately I've found that women over 30 CAN fall for cartoon/manga men; am I regressing? My main group of best peoples in fandom is in Saiyuki (y'all rock), and I've also fallen hard for Hetalia. It's so. Damned. Cute.

I also develop in appropriate, cougar-like crushes on baseball players, especially if they play for the Cincinnati Reds. Please be warned.

Friending: I'm very open on this-- friend away! If you can, please drop me a note to say "hi!" I don't tend to lock any but the most private posts (and I make those rarely). If I've friended your journal I'm not necessarily stalking you, it's just that I like what you say and I've decided it'll be easier to see you on my flist than to seek you out. :)

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Sanzo is Chain-Smoking, Sexy Monk Love.
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