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Welcome to [ profile] jedishampoo's journal! If you're looking for fics, I've tagged them and you can find them by clicking the links below. However, not all my fic is on my LJ, especially stuff that's more than two years old.

Visit to see all my stuff-- even the really old, embarrassing stuff.

I write slash, het, gen, you name it. These stories range in rating from G to mature. Thank you for stopping by!

Saiyuki (all)
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Howl’s Moving Castle
Harry Potter-verse
Hornblower (a couple of them)
Ouran High School Host Club
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Star Trek
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Venture Bros
Wild Adapter

All of my works are free and open for further transformation; I only ask that you notify me so that I can squee.

Disclaimer: I do not own most of the characters I've written about; these were written out of love for the fandom in question and I made no profit from them.

Doujinshi: Here are some doujinshi that I've scanned and uploaded. Most are Saiyuki Gojyo/Sanzo, but I've started scanning some UK/US Hetalia doujinshi, also. Enjoy, share, disperse as you wish. :)

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I'm gonna delete my LJ, what with all the hassle from the Russians (bless their hearts). Everything is backed up on the Dreamwidth journal here, so. I'm also on (urk) tumblr. Any questions, feel free to message me at Laters, y'all!
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Sorry for the delay, author! I was totally a last-minute rush signup. I've been doing this for years; you'd think I could have gotten my act together. :)

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Yeah, so

Nov. 3rd, 2014 01:19 pm
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I know, I'm AWOL. I haven't even been reading my friendslist, either here or on LJ, because I just haven't! So I'm sorry if I've missed anything important. I'm going to start keeping up again because I miss it.

Did go to the UK and Paris and did see whymzycal in London (WOOOT) but I haven't posted pictures. I need to write up a belated travel post because it was awesome. Paris had the best food I've ever had in my life. Cheap food, even. There's like some sort of food and wine magic in France or something that they won't export. Almost all the souvenirs and stuff we bought to bring back with us? FOOD. Yes, we will, in fact, take this boulder-sized piece of meringue with us. Oh, and add some of those macarons, s'il vous plait, and oui, oui, the almond cookies, aussi. I sure wish I could find a way to pack salads and broccoli tartes and croissants, too. DEAR GOD THE CROISSANTS.

Been so out of it that I missed signups for Saiyuki Yuletide Smut, wahhh! I did manage to sign up for Yuletide, the small fandoms exchange.

Anyway, hope y'all are doing well. :)
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What's up, all? I don't ever post anymore, wah! But things have been busy and finally I'll get a couple of months to relax before a trip to the UK in August. :)

First off, I got a new job! I've been there three weeks. It's actually an "old" job, sort of-- I'm working at the IU School of Medicine genetics lab that I left in 2002 when I moved to Las Vegas. Same office, different position. Gotta say, the benefits are awesome at the university. I'm still working a few hours a week at the law firm just to help out, so it's been busy.

Also, we finally had my dad's memorial gathering yesterday. Man, what a lot of work! We had it at my house because I have a (mostly) nice back yard for socializing in and my house is easier to clean than my mom's because it's less cluttered to start with, haha. So there was a week of cleaning and the planning and the inviting and the food. The foooood. Mom and my bro took care of getting together pictures and stuff. But we had a great turnout - about 70 people in my little house! My daddy was a popular guy. :) And I got to see cousins I don't get to see very often at all. [personal profile] chorus_of_chaos came over and helped me get ready, bless her, and man, I'm so wiped right now.

So that's my excitement. How you all?
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I have crocuses! A week ago this was all under a pile of snow. Hooray! An end to winter is in sight.

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I wrote this a small while back and never posted it to my journal, but that's probably because I was afraid people I know might read it and it's dorktastic, so. ;)

Title: What He Means to Say Is
Fandom/Pairing: Attack on Titan, Levi x Erwin
Rating: R-18
Summary: Don't drink Hange's sex-water, Erwin, or your fantasies might come true. In other words, sex-pollen.
Author's notes: From a prompt for sex-pollen on the SnK kinkmeme here on dw ( Thank you to Despina_moon for the beta! She caught way more errors than I changed because I was lazy, gotta warn you.

It's on AO3:
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Title: The Art of Status Quo
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tenpou/Konzen
Summary: Konzen knows it’s easier to really not know.
Warnings: None
Author's notes: Short ficlet written for [personal profile] whymzycal's prompt "bibliophile" in the [community profile] valentine_smut exchange. Thank you for the prompts, to my betas and to the Merciful Goddess for her work on the exchange!

The Art of Status Quo )
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DANG this weather is awful. Since early December it's been a constant round of snow, bitter cold, snow, bitter cold, snow and then bitter cold. I'm talking temps in the single digits F or even negative F, so cold poor Fuu just cries if she has to go out to pee.

I don't think I can ever remember such a horrible winter. (Seriously, Canadians, how do you deal with it?) I'm going back west as soon as I can. I am alternately pressuring and cajoling my mom to pack up and go with me, because I know she likes a constant stream of sunshine and palm trees as much as I do. Or, at the very least, a winter with temps that don't really go below 45. ;)

Oh, and ICE! I have fallen on the ice several times this year despite having boots with good traction, because it's, well, constant ice! But at least usually I manage to just bruise or scrape my legs. A few days ago I was walking Fuu on the street over two-inch-thick ice covered with slushy snow, because, well, SOME PEOPLE don't clear their sidewalks when they shovel. I fell on my leg and dropped Fuu's leash, and stupidly jumped up to chase her and BAM! Down on my tailbone. I just sat there in the street wailing in pain and calling for Fuu until she came back (good girl) and then couldn't hardly walk for a few days. Thankfully the NSAIDs the doc gave me seem to be helping and I can walk again, hee.

Seriously, though, be careful out there, anyone in the same weather as us!

So I wrote a valentine_smut fic, and a Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) fic. Man, first fic in a new fandom is always so hard! I may even post it, heh.

Oh, I may go to Macy's today because I need new socks. I've been wearing socks just to keep my toes warm and man, they wear out! I got so used to wearing open-toed shoes or going sockless all the time when I lived in Las Vegas.

Hugs, y'all!
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* So I finally watched Shingeki no Kyojin and I love it! It's depressing as hell and very shounen but some of the characters are fantastic, especially the adult ones. I'm reading the manga now online and man, the art is very ??? I was spoiled by Minekura, I think.

* Do you ever think of something stupid you said or did like fifteen or twenty years ago, and get horribly embarrassed all over again? Gosh, that drives me NUTS! I wish I could stop doing it and stop feeling absolutely ridiculous. I sit there and wonder if the people I said those things to or did those things nearby still remember then and think, man, she is a total dork. (Online, it would only be the Club Jade members who knew me that long ago, LOL. You can tell me. I'll only freak out a little.)

* Do you ever lick the peanut butter off your knife and do it sideways with an evil glare, as if you were cleansing your sword of the blood of your enemies? I was just doing that.
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Title: End of the Universe Stuff
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Rating: R-18
Pairing : Sanzo/Sharak, Ni/Gyokumen
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and make no profit from this fan fiction.
Summary: It's strictly Sanzo business. Really.
Warnings: Language, character death (implied and impermanent)
Author's notes: Written for [personal profile] despina_moon in the [community profile] yuletide_smut exchange! Originally it was to have Hassan join in with Sharak but I am fail and did not get it in there. Thanks to my awesome beta whymzycal, and to Des for the super prompt - I hope you enjoyed, despite the cheesiness!

End of the Universe Stuff )
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Title: Late Tea and On-Dits
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Characters: Sky High (with brief appearances by other characters)
Pairing/Rating: No pairing, Rated PG
Summary: Sky High is a last-minute replacement on a talk show that really wanted Barnaby Brooks, Jr. As if life post-Jake Martinez isn't stressful enough.
Notes: This is the fic I wrote for the Yuletide small-fandom exchange! It's a little sweet and feel-goody, and was tons of fun to write. Thanks to my super-betas whymzycal and despina_moon!

Here on the AO3:
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Title: Around the Lake Tonight
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Recipient:[profile] just_a_fangirl
Pairing: UKUSUK
Rating/Warnings: R, brief smuts, Victorian language
Summary: The sons of dukes should never engage in lurid affairs with the help. That doesn't mean they don't.
Author's Notes: For the [community profile] usxuk comm's Secret Santa exchange! I'm sorry this is so late, requester, but I had some family issues around the holidays. Thanks for your fun prompts, and I chose the one for a Victorian nobleman and a man on his estate, complete with a happy ending. Thanks to my beta, [personal profile] whymzycal, for her always awesome work, and to the mods for their work organizing the exchange (and for the extension). Title is from a Toadies song, Possum Kingdom. So there's a boathouse in the song.

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Jan. 3rd, 2014 02:09 pm
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All right, someone has to go read and comment on these yuletide-smut fics, because none of them are getting enough love, especially the one for me, which is a GOOD 83 fic and you know how hard that pairing is to do? ;)

Really, though, the Saiyuki exchanges have run for a while not only on the work of the mod, but on having at least the participants trying to read and comment on most if not every fic, and that just hasn't been happening. It should be, though, because this fandom has the seriously best writers.

You just have to be 18 to read the fics. YAY!

Thank you!

Dec. 26th, 2013 07:56 pm
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Hey all,

Thank you to everyone who left comments and sent e-mails and holiday cards and other cards and lovely little gifts and stuff. :) Such nice things to brighten my days, you just don't even know.

We had a pretty decent Christmas, all things considered. Low-key and just mom, my bro and myself at Mom's house. Watching Storage Wars and reading fic and eating comfort food, yay!

And dudes! I got a yuletide-smut fic about Hakkai and Sanzo and a little old lady and it's freaking hysterical. Go read it. Yay!

(If you're not a member of yuletide-smut on dreamwidth, go to the profile and join!

Thank you

Dec. 18th, 2013 11:35 pm
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Thank you all for your messages ...

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Dec. 11th, 2013 10:16 am
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Just popping in. Hope you all are having a wonderful December so far! It's colder than HECK here. The low last night was 11, and tonight I think it's supposed to be something ridiculous like THREE? Come on, it's only December, and this is only Indiana, not Canadiana or something! ;)

I have one-and-a-half exchange fics done, and one-and-a-half to go! Looking forward to it all -- yuletide, yuletide_smut (for Saiyuki!) and the USUK exchange. :)

I don't think I'm sending cards this year, because I'm poor, and my artist Shane has a job that works him all the time so I didn't hold him down and force him to draw me an artwork this year. Plus, like I said, poor. I like to support the postal system since I think they still pay my daddy's pension, but I gotta support me and my dog right now, ya know?

Still, anyone who would like to send me a card, DO IT! Dooooo iiiiiiiittt. Hee.

Speaking of, Dad is in the hospital for the third time in a month. Apparently he has a pneumonia that just wasn't being kicked by the drugs they sent him home with, so tomorrow he has to have some kind of surgery to remove ... stuff from his lung. So keep your fingers crossed for my dad, if you would.

Hugs to you all!

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