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Title: A Confluence of Theaters
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Rating: Mostly PG, a paragraph or two of “R”
Summary: Wesley Wyndham-Price takes a few dangerous turns in a few theater corridors, and ends up meeting someone special. Time-travel, humor, a little romance, a little angst. 6446 words.
Author’s Notes: For the Crossover Ficathon at [ profile] sarkastic’s livejournal. Assignment: fic must include Harry Potter-verse, het smut, HP-verse adults. Other fandoms: Buffy/Angel The Series, Horatio Hornblower, Phantom of the Opera, and a little Interview with the Vampire thrown in for good measure. I’ll admit, neither Angel the Series nor POTO are my fandoms, but I love a challenge. And I may have stretched the HP-adult requirement a bit...

A Confluence of Theaters )

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