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Title: Around the Lake Tonight
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Recipient:[profile] just_a_fangirl
Pairing: UKUSUK
Rating/Warnings: R, brief smuts, Victorian language
Summary: The sons of dukes should never engage in lurid affairs with the help. That doesn't mean they don't.
Author's Notes: For the [community profile] usxuk comm's Secret Santa exchange! I'm sorry this is so late, requester, but I had some family issues around the holidays. Thanks for your fun prompts, and I chose the one for a Victorian nobleman and a man on his estate, complete with a happy ending. Thanks to my beta, [personal profile] whymzycal, for her always awesome work, and to the mods for their work organizing the exchange (and for the extension). Title is from a Toadies song, Possum Kingdom. So there's a boathouse in the song.

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