Aug. 30th, 2017

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Welcome to [ profile] jedishampoo's journal! If you're looking for fics, I've tagged them and you can find them by clicking the links below. However, not all my fic is on my LJ, especially stuff that's more than two years old.

Visit to see all my stuff-- even the really old, embarrassing stuff.

I write slash, het, gen, you name it. These stories range in rating from G to mature. Thank you for stopping by!

Saiyuki (all)
Saiyuki by genre:
Saiyuki yaoi (slash)
Saiyuki het
Saiyuki gen

Howl’s Moving Castle
Harry Potter-verse
Hornblower (a couple of them)
Ouran High School Host Club
Samurai Champloo
Star Trek
Star Wars
Venture Bros
Wild Adapter

All of my works are free and open for further transformation; I only ask that you notify me so that I can squee.

Disclaimer: I do not own most of the characters I've written about; these were written out of love for the fandom in question and I made no profit from them.

Doujinshi: Here are some doujinshi that I've scanned and uploaded. Most are Saiyuki Gojyo/Sanzo, but I've started scanning some UK/US Hetalia doujinshi, also. Enjoy, share, disperse as you wish. :)

Doujinshi links under the cut )
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