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Title: Misplaced
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Characters: Inara, Jayne
Rating: PG-13 for language, I suppose
Summary: A short vignette-y sort of conversation, post-Serenity.
Author’s Notes: OMG I wrote a Firefly story. Only a casual fan of the series, but [ profile] sharpeslass begged for a story and I ignored her until one popped into my head. This is for and betaed by her; she begged me to change some of the cursing and I changed some of it for a compromise. I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the vernacular.
Feedback: Pretty Please! Tell me what you think, good or bad, I would be interested to see what people think of my characterization of Inara.

Click here to read Misplaced )

Thanks for reading! Oh-- does anyone know where I could post this other than here? Don’t know the Firefly web locations so well.
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