jedishampoo: (Yuletide!)
Title: Followers
Author: [ profile] jedishampoo
Fandom: Wild Adapter
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The pet joke was getting old; Tokito wants Kubota to know this. There are some things Tokito wants to know for himself, too. Sorta Tokito/Kubota.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] yuletide exchange. I just realized that I never did post this story in my journal! Probably because I found it really, really hard to write-- I had such mixed feelings about this story and WA6 and beyond and I was never sure that I felt the characters. I do want to thank [ profile] inksheddings, my resident WA expert, for her beta and lots of encouragement. (And thanks to [ profile] moshesque and [ profile] athena8 for assistance and putting up with wibbling, hee!) Concrit would be most welcome. Here's the link on yuletide.

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