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What's up, all? I don't ever post anymore, wah! But things have been busy and finally I'll get a couple of months to relax before a trip to the UK in August. :)

First off, I got a new job! I've been there three weeks. It's actually an "old" job, sort of-- I'm working at the IU School of Medicine genetics lab that I left in 2002 when I moved to Las Vegas. Same office, different position. Gotta say, the benefits are awesome at the university. I'm still working a few hours a week at the law firm just to help out, so it's been busy.

Also, we finally had my dad's memorial gathering yesterday. Man, what a lot of work! We had it at my house because I have a (mostly) nice back yard for socializing in and my house is easier to clean than my mom's because it's less cluttered to start with, haha. So there was a week of cleaning and the planning and the inviting and the food. The foooood. Mom and my bro took care of getting together pictures and stuff. But we had a great turnout - about 70 people in my little house! My daddy was a popular guy. :) And I got to see cousins I don't get to see very often at all. [personal profile] chorus_of_chaos came over and helped me get ready, bless her, and man, I'm so wiped right now.

So that's my excitement. How you all?
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