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I'm not very good at prompts. So please, here are some suggestions only, and really, feel free to do whatever you like if you hate all these suggestions.

I ACTUALLY MEAN THAT: If you have a hankering to write something involving any of these characters, do it. I'm ridiculously easy to please in fic exchanges. Anybody being inspired at all by my character mixes/ideas is flattering in the extreme and so have fun and don't sweat it. In other words, Optional Details are Optional.

In general:

I love gen in small fandoms like these, with slice-of-life things, between the scenes, between-the-books, and for ships, characters hanging out who aren't often paired. I'm great with shorter things and sometimes those are the best. But if you're itching to epic it up, then please don't stop on my account! I love canonverse, of course, but I'd be fascinated by an AU for any of these fandoms, because I've never read one in them. If you want to do a simple coffee-shop AU, or a super-cool space AU, or even a Victorian or Regency or any other historical AU, I'd be thrilled to death. SERIOUSLY how cool would those be?

Additionally, I enjoy: voyeurism/third-party observations of something going on with other people; smut if it's in you to write it; sex pollen and fuck-or-die scenarios; alien invasions; going shopping; AUs for tiny fandoms like these.

I don't really prefer: BDSM or D/s dynamics or genderbending.


Mad Max Series (Movies)

Characters listed: Aunty Entity, Savannah Nix, Max Rockatansky, Toast

ODAO, and not all characters listed are necessary!

I grew up with these movies, and what thrills me about the exchange is the chance to get fic about some of the characters pre-Fury Road. I’d love to see Aunty Entity reappear in any way you see fit, even if it’s only in someone’s memory. Savannah, too – these are ladies who are leaders in the world after. Maybe either of them does some traveling in their later lives? Maybe Max tells some of the Fury Road characters a story about his past.

I chose Toast out of all the Fury Road characters because I love her take-charge attitude and flexibility in new situations. I think it would be fun to see her kicking ass in some way. Maybe she’s become a kind of enforcer or the future’s version of a lawkeeper?

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

Characters listed: Beverly Brook, Thomas Nightingale, Molly, and Lesley May

ODAO! Not all characters are necessary. For canonverse: basically, I’d love anything with the female characters, either together or with guys. I love Molly, that she’s so dangerous and yet at the same time so… attemptedly domestic? And loyal to Nightingale. I love Lesley because she’s so competent and yet the face thing really threw her for a loop. I love Beverly (and all the rivers, actually) because they’re just who and what they are, unapologetically, and also, they’re incredibly powerful with their own codes of conduct. I'd love to see Molly and Lesley hanging out and interacting any time before the end of Broken Homes; does Lesley ever try to talk to Molly? Maybe Molly, being silent and hanging around, sees something that makes her think twice but she says nothing. Or Lesley goes out and hangs with any/all of the rivers.

I don't ship Nightingale and Peter in canon, but I do love them interacting with the women in their lives. Maybe do a short fic of Nightingale giving Lesley some extra lessons to catch her up with Peter. Maybe Peter catches Molly hanging out in his man-cave.

Shipwise, I’d love to see basically Nightingale and anything that’s female – only because I think it could be interesting. I also slightly ship Nightingale and Molly, wrongness or not. Maybe just a scene or something, anything, about Molly's feelings and pining? Or Nightingale and any of the Rivers.

For AU: see above - have fun. If you want to AU it up with Nightingale/Peter, do it. I'll read it and it would be awesome to see. :)

Gentlemen Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch, characters listed: Any

ODAO! I listed all characters but use one or all or any combination thereof. Of course, Locke sort of takes over whenever he’s front and center, so if Locke isn’t involved in whatever’s going on in the story, I’m fine with that. What I’d really love to see is characters interacting who don’t often get to. I really love the friendship between Jean and Sabetha, and would love any interaction between them. Whether it's set during their youths or during Republic of Thieves, I'd love to see them hanging out, talking, doing whatever and being comfortable together. Maybe they get sent on a job together during their training? Maybe they just go shopping? I did say I liked shopping. Tell me about the stuff in the stores in their world. I’d love to see someone pull off some smut for them. :) As for Drakasha, I’d love to see her in the past, perhaps even running into some or all of the older characters on one of her adventures.

Any AU featuring any combination of these characters would be awesome fun.

Redshirts - John Scalzi

I listed "any character" so use one or all or any combination thereof. This fandom is pretty new to me and I don’t have much specific in the way of requests! I’ll take pretty much anything. I liked the characters on the ship, the characters of the actors who played them, and their enthusiasm at discovering their play universe is real.

I also think any kind of AU would be a blast. Or an action/humor story would be great. What about the away missions they’ve survived? Maybe describe some/any of the characters having a stiff drink and conversation n the aftermath of one of those missions.

I would like to read more about Maia. Maybe a snippet of her past pre-Intrepid, or maybe her surviving an away mission with Kerensky, all the while trying not to make their relationship obvious. To be truthful, if you wanted to write Maia shipped with pretty much any of the other characters, I’m down with that. What’s a date like on Intrepid?

I’d even like something meta, like maybe something to do with Intrepid fandom? Shippers discussing their favorite pairings on the show (m/m, m/f, f/f, you name it) or doing embarrassing things like sending naughty fanart to the writers?

Have fun!

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