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Sorry for the delay, author! I was totally a last-minute rush signup. I've been doing this for years; you'd think I could have gotten my act together. :)

To copy from last year:
I'm not very good at prompts. So please, here are some suggestions only, and really, feel free to do whatever you like if you hate all these suggestions.

I ACTUALLY MEAN THAT: If you have a hankering to write something involving any of these characters, do it. I'm ridiculously easy to please in fic exchanges. Anybody being inspired at all by my character mixes/ideas is flattering in the extreme and so have fun and don't sweat it. In other words, Optional Details are Optional.

In general:

I love gen in small fandoms like these, with slice-of-life things, between the scenes, between-the-books, and for ships, characters hanging out who aren't often paired. I'm great with shorter things and sometimes those are the best. But if you're itching to epic it up, then please don't stop on my account! I love canonverse, of course, but I'd be fascinated by an AU for any of these fandoms, because I've never read one in them. If you want to do a simple coffee-shop AU, or a super-cool space AU, or even a Victorian or Regency or any other historical AU, I'd be thrilled to death. SERIOUSLY how cool would those be?

Additionally, I enjoy: loyalty to one's friends/family; voyeurism/third-party observations of something going on with other people; smut if it's in you to write it; sex pollen and fuck-or-die scenarios; alien invasions; going shopping; AUs for tiny fandoms like these.

I don't really prefer: BDSM or D/s dynamics, genderbending, or high school stuff.

Fandom: The Six Sisters Series - Marion Chesney
Characters nominated: Diana Armitage, Frederica Armitage, Daphne Armitage, Annabelle Armitage

ODAO, and not all characters listed are required.

I nominated this fandom because I've read the books over and over and had so much fun with them through the years, from when they were first published to today. And while not every single thing holds up for 20 years, much of the books do for me! I think I love the wackiness and humor the most, as well as the family bonds, the relationships between the sisters, their relationships with their elders like Charles Armitage and Lady Godolphin, who are such dingdongs in their own way but also willing to do whatever needs to be done for their loved ones.

I would read and be thrilled with just about anything set in these books or after the books. I wouldn't mind a simple one-character study. If you want to write all the characters, please do! Include any of/all the guys and ... everyone, if you want. Maybe a house party! A wedding! Anything!

For some individual suggestions:

I'd like to see Annabelle being the adult. Give her a situation where any vanity or silliness would just not be tolerated, or give her a situation where she has to be utterly serious.

For Diana: I'd be interested to see if she gets to dress like a man after marriage. Maybe she looks damn good and has her own wardrobe. Maybe Simon is all into it, because of Reasons. I'd like a NON-issueficcy, fun, exploration of her growing into her own self in this way.

For Daphne, I adore that she has depths below her beautiful mask. I'd just love to see her expanded a bit, meaning it could just be a scene with her, just, Daphne doing anything and thinking about anything. Maybe she's hosting a party. Maybe she's writing a book. Maybe she's doing a makeover. Designing her own fashion plates? ANYTHING.

For Frederica, I'd like to see her being the adult as well. Her husband is a duke; maybe show how Frederica actually rules the roost? I'd love to see her blossom.

I personally wouldn't be into anything incestuous for this canon. But an AU? I faint with glee. Smut or sex pollen? OMG.

Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold

Characters: Alys Vorpatril, Tej Arqua Vorpatril, Ivan Vorpatril

ODAO, and not all characters listed are required.

Ivan is my favorite character in all the books, and I'd love to see more of Tej. Maybe Tej and Alys doing something together - something badass? Something domestic? Something fun and exciting? Please have fun with it. Something dealing with changed expectations for Tej, maybe between Jacksonian and Barrayaran cultures? Ooh, ooh, or maybe the ladies hang out with Empress Laisa for the day and do something badass or fun or exciting.

Or, maybe just a quiet scene with Alys and Ivan! Ivan has to grow up sometime, right? :) Have fun with it.

AUs would be fantastic. Maybe a snippet of some combination of these characters in modern-day New York. Regency AU. PIRATE AU. (They're already in space, hah.)

Fandom: Archie Comics
Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics), Betty Cooper (Archie Comics), Archie Andrews (Archie Comics)

ODAO, and not all characters listed are required.

I'm a Betty fan and always have been, from when I was a teeny kiddo to now. I love the old comics, and I really love the Reboot, too. Betty rocks, seriously; she's a jock, she's gorgeous, and she's so forgiving. I love Veronica, too, but in an admiration-of-her-cluelessness way. I do get a laugh when she's being horrible, but I also enjoy the times when her vulnerabilities are revealed. As for Archie, he's always been kind of a nonentity, but the reboot has really brought him to life for me - pinpointing his loyalty and defensiveness of his friends, and his dorkiness.

I love Veronica and Archie best when they're interacting with Betty, apart or together as a threesome. If you're following the new canon, maybe Archie and Betty have to go on a date for some reason and they have a good talk. Maybe Betty and Veronica hang out and have fun or kick ass together. Maybe all three of them together plan to do a Good Deed for one of their friends. Any appearances by other characters are welcome!

Fandom: Tiger & Bunny

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Wild Tiger, Karina Lyle | Blue Rose


I'm all about Kotetsu in general - his heart, his desire to do good, his manner of losing control of things both important and not-important. And I love Karina because of her denial, her power, and her ambition, as well as her heart under the exterior of ice (not to make a pun). I totally ship them, okay? I wouldn't mind if she's her canon 17, but if she's older, I would totally love to see how her feelings about Kotetsu endure past the embarrassing youth stage. Maybe they have a Hero mission they complete together. Maybe they do a charity event together. If you don't want to make it shippy, you don't have to, even! Friendship is aces. I love all the other characters, too, and anyone making an appearance would be welcome, as well as other pairings among the Hero group! I pretty much do not ship Kotetsu and Barnaby together, however.

Have fun and I'm always up for sweetness or even darkness with these two. And AUs - I'd love to see a fun T&B AU of just about any stripe.

Fandom: Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch

Jean Tannen, Sabetha Belacoros, Nazca Barsavi

ODAO, and not all characters listed are required.

Please feel free to use all characters or any combination thereof. What I’d really love to see is characters interacting who don’t often get to, and maybe facing challenges together. Even if the challenge is a drinking contest.

I really love the friendship between Jean and Sabetha, and would love any interaction between them. Whether it's set during their youths or during Republic of Thieves, I'd love to see them hanging out, talking, doing whatever and being comfortable together. Maybe they get sent on a job together during their training? Maybe they just go shopping? I did say I liked shopping. Tell me about the stuff in the stores in their world. I’d love to see someone pull off some smut for them. OH, heavens, imagine sex pollen for Jean and Sabetha (they'd never, ever tell Locke). Or Jean and Nazca. Or Nazca and Sabetha! Or for all three of them.

I also like Nazca and Sabetha bonding, over whatever they have going on. Bonding over a beer! Bonding over a lot of beers. :)

Any AU featuring any combination of these characters would be awesome fun. They're all three programmers sitting in their offices plotting the downfalls of corporations. They're serving lattes. I don't care - I love them all.

Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

Honestly, I meant to list characters and didn't get to edit my signup in time. I'm sorry. BUT WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY: you can not disappoint me. I love everyone in this canon. Write whoever you like! I can give a few ideas about characters I enjoy, and I hope they match up with the characters you like.

Generally: I love Peter's dorkiness, and Sidorovna's badassness, and Nightingale's super-coolness, and Dr. Walid for his heart and humor, and Sahra and Abigail for their determinedness, and the Rivers for how knowing and powerful they are. Beverly is a riot, Bohemian and cunning at the same time. Lesley's struggle is a tough one but fascinating to watch. Molly is just fascinating in general.

Of course a casefic would be awesome, with anyone solving the mystery or (being the mystery). Who stole the front door? But I don't mind anyone/everyone hanging out at the house. Hanging out at the graveyard.

I don't much ship Peter/Nightingale, but I enjoy their interactions, and could enjoy shipping Nightingale with pretty much anyone else. With Dr. Walid? Let's see them hanging out, and if could be made shippy, I'd love to be there for it! With Molly? I not-so-secretly ship it, okay, and would live to see her doing something kind and especially for him. With Sidorovna? MEOW.

AU it up! Maybe they're doing magic ... in spaaaace. Or ooh, Victorian times or Regency England or ... ANYTHING. If you ship Peter/Nightingale and want to pair them in an AU, I'm for it.

Thank you very much! You rock, author.

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