Jan. 23rd, 2014

jedishampoo: (Default)
* So I finally watched Shingeki no Kyojin and I love it! It's depressing as hell and very shounen but some of the characters are fantastic, especially the adult ones. I'm reading the manga now online and man, the art is very ??? I was spoiled by Minekura, I think.

* Do you ever think of something stupid you said or did like fifteen or twenty years ago, and get horribly embarrassed all over again? Gosh, that drives me NUTS! I wish I could stop doing it and stop feeling absolutely ridiculous. I sit there and wonder if the people I said those things to or did those things nearby still remember then and think, man, she is a total dork. (Online, it would only be the Club Jade members who knew me that long ago, LOL. You can tell me. I'll only freak out a little.)

* Do you ever lick the peanut butter off your knife and do it sideways with an evil glare, as if you were cleansing your sword of the blood of your enemies? I was just doing that.
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