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Usually Mondays at work are busy busy, but today's a holiday -- for the government, anyway -- and there's no mail, the courts are closed, and we have little to do. So hello!

Friday I took some friends to the Haunted Trail my cousin puts on every year for charity -- it's at if you want to check it out. This year's theme is haunted fairy tales. They do a really good job, and it's free admission, though they ask you bring a can of food.

Saturday I went with more friends to Crown Hill Cemetery, which is apparently the fourth-largest cemetery in the US? Anyway, they had a storytellers' evening. The stories weren't very scary but walking in the graveyard after dark, looking at the very old graves, was a little spooky. There are some beautiful and very fancy graves there, though. Who knew that bunches of towering obelisks were a thing at one point in the last few hundred years?

Yesterday I took Mom to a brewery and a winery (enjoyed telling my dad that) and the weather was fantastic. The brewery was Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington -- home of Indiana University -- and they have a really good seitan tenderloin, fried up Hoosier style and served with lots of mustard and tomatoes. Then we went to Oliver Winery, more to walk around the grounds and look at their gardens, waterfalls, and ponds than to drink the wine, though of course I had a taste. They grow half their own grapes and get the other half from Cali. I was surprised, because I had thought Indiana wines were all the sweet stuff, to find that they grow and make some very nice, dry reds and whites. Their cabernet sauvignon was too pricey to buy but I picked up a bottle of a very smooth chambourcin.

I don't think I'm going to sign up for Yuletide this year. I even nominated fandoms! I just can't get excited enough about any of them or the others nominated to think of prompts, let alone write something. Edit: I just bit the bullet and signed up for yuletide, hah. I am doing yuletide-smut, and am looking around for another exchange to join, maybe. I haven't yet gotten hit with an idea for weiss v saiyuki, either. Ah. well.

So what'sup with y'all?
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I was discussing vegetarian recipes with [personal profile] whymzycal and mentioned a cornbread and beans shepherd's pie, which is one of my favorite quick/easy recipes and totally comfort food. Here's a recipe if anyone wants it! I found it online and adapted it slightly.

Two Bean Corn Meal Pie

under this here cut! )
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Title: All Right, Tonight
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Rating: R-18
Pairing: UKxUS, some side pairings with other characters
Summary: Attorney Arthur Kirkland gets a new divorce client - Alfred Jones. Things easily heat up between them, but can they get their heads out of their own behinds long enough to really see each other? Deanon from the Hetalia kink meme.

Read on the AO3:


Unbeta-read and 41K words. Don't read it! LOL.
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So someone mentioned that I was posting on tumblr and not where my friends are. Oops! I just haven't had much important going on?

I did pick up the Tiger & Bunny official release and have been rewatching those. The dub isn't bad, IMO, but when I listen to it I do miss Hirata Hiroaki, the dear. Nobody sounds like him, or does that slouchy sort of coolness like he does, you know? And I've bought the first season of Darker than Black, and am looking forward to sitting down with that!

Weekends will be getting busier in the fall, though, if that's not weird. Fall here in Indiana is when all the festivals start. I could be at some sort of festival every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next couple of months if I wanted. This weekend we're doing a wine fest on Saturday and then Chautaqua in Madison, Indiana on Sunday. (Madison is very pretty, sitting on the Ohio River and being full of Victorian houses and lots of Art.)

Have you all joined Saiyuki yet? Only 1000 words!

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yuletide smut is open for prompts!

There are some new rules this year -- see if y'all might be interested in joining?

In other news, I think I'm going to try and write Sanzo het. Just because it'd be freaking hard to do. And I haven't written anything Saiyuki that wasn't for an exchange in a couple years, so I'm rusty?
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Title: Inordinate Affection and Evil Concupiscence
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Rating: R-18
Pairing: Hakkai/Sanzo (some other minor pairings implied on the side)
Summary: The Reverend Gen Sanford is faced with a vexing situation! Sorting it out may require indulging in activities that are not quite proper.
Warnings: Bad language; period-specific homophobia and laws and other non-PC terms (pretty light, however); dubcon if you squint.
Author's notes: Written for [profile] rachel_reicheru in the [community profile] 7thnight_smut common Dreamwidth. Prompt was for Sanzo as a priest, any time period, and Hakkai is a demon chained up in his basement. It was oodles of fun to write! Much love to my betas whymz, despina and sharpeslass, and to the Merciful Goddess for her work.

Inordinate Affection and Evil Concupiscence )
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So, I finished watching the Saiyuki Gaiden OVA. Blood, lots of blood. And guts.

And the worst? Goku cries through the whole thing. I think it's easier to endure when one could only read Goku crying, and not need to listen to or watch it.

I'm heartless, y/y?

I know for a lot of people Gaiden is weep-city, but it pushes my "I'm being manipulated" buttons so, so hard, setting off my "WTF" alarm.

Mostly, though, I enjoyed it, if only for Kanzeon Bosatsu, seeing Li Touten get his, for Goujun (whom I really liked more in this than ever before), and the opening song. ;)
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First off, I finally bought the Saiyuki Gaiden DVD, and am enjoying it so far (though I was confused on how they "caught us all up" in the first episode). I must say that the opening song is BEAUTIFUL. Eeee!

(here's a link to the song:

I'm going to do the fanfic meme, even though I know I'm sooooo behind everyone else! And my answers will be the LAMEST THINGS EVER. Truly because I'm really boring right now. :)

meme under here! )
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Hey all, go check out the fics at the Saiyuki 7thnight_smut exchange on Dreamwidth:

You have to be a member to read the fics, but as long as you're over 18 you're eligible! I think you can probably find out how to join here:

Saiyuki's a canon that just lends itself to AU, with all its reincarnation and distinctive characters. And there are always great stories!


Aug. 4th, 2013 10:50 am
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I have finished my Saiyuki [community profile] 7thnight_smut fic, yay! Yes, it's late, because I am bad. And it's just a little bonkers, but not too much. It's off for beta. I can't wait to read the stories on the 14th; if you go to the comm, you can see some nomsome previews as of last night, so go!

Now I must finish cleaning my house for the impending surprise arrival of FOUR cousins. Well, a cousin, a husband of cousin, and two 11-year-old twin daughters. My little house will be full!

I went to NYC and will have pictures eventually. Loved it! It's hard, visiting (or formerly living in) neato places and then coming back home to ... cornfields and strip malls. Unfortunately, neato places are popular and thus expensive. Plus I love my parents, even if I'm not so fond of the heartland. I will say it's beautifully green and growing right now. Summer in Indiana: its saving grace.

Hope y'all are having a good Sunday. :)
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So sadly, in April, my friend Donna died. She was a fantastic lady, a truly nice person who was always cheerful and fun to be with, and a super-big scifi and fantasy fan, who started going to cons in the early 1980s and never stopped. :) She was, in fact, the one who took me to my first Worldcon, in 1998. She fought breast cancer for two years but it was a nasty one and finally got her, but up till the end Donna was upbeat and loving and going to cons. She did Worldcon in Chicago with us last year in September, and she was hardcore conning it with her breathing machine and everything! She was an AWESOME PERSON and I miss her still.

Anyway, when Donna passed, she had no children, though she had siblings and nieces and nephews, and her family and husband sadly did not share her passion for science fiction. She left a few things to some people, me included (dude, she left me an ORIGINAL 1982 "Revenge of the Jedi" Star Wars Fan Club poster! Is that not the most awesome?) but mostly her nearest and dearest had no idea what to do with the stuff she'd spent thirty years filling the house. So I basically packed my car full on at least two trips, promising to find good homes for Donna's stuff, with people who will appreciate it.

I've been able to share some of her (many many many) books here and there with great people, but it's looking like a good number of books will make their way to a fan-run scifi charity that will distribute books to youngsters. That's cool, right? Anyway, she had some super-cool fanzines and things that I just KNOW someone will want. FOR FREE! I wouldn't mind if someone sent me three bucks here or there for envelopes and media mail postage, but mostly I want to find homes for these things she collected and loved. And they're soooo neato.

Lots of pictures under this cut (EDIT: Yay, just a couple left (until I go through more things, haha)! I knew you guys would enjoy this stuff!):

Click this link so see some of the free and awesome fanzines you should adopt )
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So, first off, I miss my icons when I use DW. :(

Anyway, here is a house and flower-planting update. Around Memorial Day is when the Hoosiers go nuts buying annuals and putting them everywhere they can, and I am no exception. Okay, maybe my mom and I tend to buy more flowers than a lot of people, but we like flowers. :) Other people have tasteful yards with a rosebush and a few shrubs, and we have every other thing they left at the garden store.

And pictures of the yard come with pictures of Fuu, because she must be into everything outside when we're there. In fact, I caught her chewing off part of my mini-barn yesterday, trying to get to chipmunks or something. CHEWING MY BARN in her desperation to get past the fence, the little shit.

Pics and stuff under this cut )
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Title: Good Boy, There
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Pairing: UKUSUK (Arthur/Alfred AU) (sort-of-side US/Ukraine)
Rating/Warnings: R-18; sex-slavery and the consent issues inherent in that, though I will say nobody is outwardly unwilling.
Summary: Sometimes Alfred doesn't mind being a Pleasure slave. Sometimes, though, he dreams of another life.
Notes: Written for a general slave fic prompt on the Hetalia kinkmeme. Here's the kinkmeme link. This is dedicated to my id, which wanted Arthur/Alfred sex-slave AU. This is totally unbeta-read and shows; I wrote it quickly and purely for smut value, and there was no research involved. Hope you enjoy!

Click Here to read Good Boy, There )



Apr. 30th, 2013 11:05 am
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I keep thinking, I need to make a post! And then I don't have anything worth posting about because it's all moving too quickly, so I don't. But I do read my flist every day, still. :)

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Title: Year of the Shark
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Rating: R-l8
Pairing: Hakkai/Gojyo
Warnings: Looks like dub-con but isn’t, exhibitionism, smut, language.
Summary: Better watch out! You’re in Nepal now, buddy, and the Nurse Sharks are comin’ to town.
Author's notes: Written for the the yuletide_smut comm. on dreamwidth The prompt was “nurse,” and I played fast and loose with it. Thanks to my awesome beta [personal profile] whymzycal and to those who enabled me in this idea. Many thanks to the Merciful Goddess for her work on these fic-exchange comms. You help keep the fandom alive.

Year of the Shark )
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My house, March 24. It's doing this right now. It's March 24!!! WHYYYYYYY
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Title: So Here We Are Now
Author: [personal profile] jedishampoo
Pairing: England/America
Rating/Warning: R-l8, for DUBCON, smut, language
Summary: England is one of those and America is one of them and they discover this by fortuitous accident. Alpha/Omega dynamics, sort of.

Author’s Notes: Kink meme deanon because someone already outed me, ya twerps. I used the The Anything Goes prompt. Alpha/Omega dynamics shaken up a bit and made how I'd like 'em, like canonverse and without all the mpreg and stuff but with all the nice heat and knotting and marathon sex and hey, hello, I am DUBCON, nice to meet you. Consent is eventually implicit but that's it. Think of it like sex-pollen. Here’s the kink meme link.. This is totally un-beta-read because just too embarrassing. I know there are mistakes and feel free to point them out.

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Mar. 19th, 2013 01:26 pm
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So when is winter going to be over? OMG, so, so tired of it. I guess we were spoiled the last couple of winters, weren't we? Because it was 60s-70s in March last year. I know this because that's how I found out I had termites. :) But still, there were tulips and daffodils blooming and I was buying plants.

The plants are coming up but they'll probably get frostbitten. I'm so, so very weary of the winds and 30s-40s and rain and dreary skies. I miss the southwest so very much at times like this. Oh, for palm trees and blue skies!

Okay, done whining.

Tea post!

Mar. 9th, 2013 11:02 pm
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Thanks to everyone a few weeks ago who made some tea and brewing recommendations -- I've been having too much fun trying stuff you recommended. :)

more under here, boring if you don't care about tea! )

Happy Sunday, everyone. Going to the home and patio show tomorrow and maybe I'll buy a couple of new back doors for my house, since the ones I have are sort of falling apart.


Feb. 7th, 2013 03:36 pm
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Mom and I went to see Shen Yun last night, as I'd bought her tickets for her Christmas present. It was pretty neat, and not what I'd expected!

It's a classical Chinese dance troupe based out of New York; their website is here:

I don't know why, but I was actually expecting more of an acrobatics slant, like I've seen from Chinese troupes on TV before. Yes, I know, I didn't research. But it was more like an acrobatic ballet. And we both truly enjoyed it! The costumes, especially the ladies', were beautiful, so colorful, flowy, and sparkly. I love sparkly and flowy dressed (they remind me of being a young girl and designing these sorts of dresses with crayons).

The ladies have these lovely, distinctive movements that I guess are typical of classical Chinese dance and that set it apart from western ballet. Like, they would move their feet so fast or shuffle so that they looked like they were floating across the floor. Their posture was precise and yet incredibly graceful.

The men in the troupe got to do a little more acting along with their dancing, and told several stories. One was a Journey to the West-themed story with Pig and Monkey fighting a river ogre who had stolen a village girl; thankfully, the priest and the Merciful Goddess appeared just in time to defeat the ogre and rescue the girl. :) They also told some political stories about the persecution of Dafa in China. I do wish the political stuff hadn't all been about Dafa religion, since it gave the entire performance a whiff of propaganda, but it wasn't too overwhelming.

There were also a couple of singing performances in Chinese, a tenor, a baritone and soprano.

If you get the chance to see one of their shows, I recommend it!

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