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Dec. 18th, 2013 11:35 pm
jedishampoo: (Default)
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Thank you all for your messages ...

Your good thoughts worked -- Daddy made it home for about seven hours, and then he was done! He died comfortably and with his family, in his house where he desperately, desperately wanted to be, and not in the hospital any more. :)

The hospice nurse had just had mom sign the paperwork to get him in, and then he ended up staying to handle all the arrangements to check him out. But man, they handed that stuff like nobody's business. Called a chaplain, called a funeral home, washed him up and let me help.

I do miss him so much and will probably miss him more as the days go on, but I'm SO GLAD he's not suffering from the pneumonia and that he was at HOME.

Thank you so much! If I don't reply to everyone right away, please let me know I so much appreciate your comments and thoughts and emails and everything. Gosh things are so crazy right now.

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