Mar. 11th, 2014

jedishampoo: (Bitch of the Black Sea)
I wrote this a small while back and never posted it to my journal, but that's probably because I was afraid people I know might read it and it's dorktastic, so. ;)

Title: What He Means to Say Is
Fandom/Pairing: Attack on Titan, Levi x Erwin
Rating: R-18
Summary: Don't drink Hange's sex-water, Erwin, or your fantasies might come true. In other words, sex-pollen.
Author's notes: From a prompt for sex-pollen on the SnK kinkmeme here on dw ( Thank you to Despina_moon for the beta! She caught way more errors than I changed because I was lazy, gotta warn you.

It's on AO3:
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